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Member Spotlight


Barbara Lafferty: AMT Member Spotlight

“First you gotta care.” This is Barbara Lafferty’s mantra. She’s an AMT-certified Registered Medical Assistant who brings more than 20 years of experience in healthcare to her work at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A Valley View veteran, Barbara has served in multiple departments and currently works on the Women's Health team.

Barbara’s interest in the medical field started when a 15-year-old boy fell off a cliff and landed at her feet. As Barbara describes it, “I responded. I did not react.” Barbara recalls asking all the right questions and working to keep the boy conscious the entire time. The next day, she visited him in the hospital and knew from that moment she wanted to help people for a living.

At Valley View Hospital, Barbara treats her patients with respect and understanding. Barbara works to earn every patient's trust. With so much human interaction happening via mobile phone or computer screen, Barbara strives to make a difference by asking face-to-face about someone’s day, someone’s family, and how they are feeling. Barbara makes a point to recognize the little things that patients appreciate, and she is always looking for ways to help.

“My patients are not numbers or names on a computer screen- they are people,” says Barbara.

When delivering bad news, Barbara approaches the patient with kindness and sensitivity to help them feel comfortable. She reminds herself of what an old colleague once told her: “If you make one person smile a day, you are doing your job.”

“People want to be listened to and feel valued,” says Barbara. “I am extremely passionate about what I do and feel grateful to have the opportunity to treat people in their time of need.”

When Barbara is not working, she enjoys skiing with her son, riding horses, and gardening. Barbara believes in the value of AMT and AMT certification and one day would like to be on the Colorado State Society Board.